Mountain Property Price Improved!

This mountain property is for located 20 minutes from Fort Collins and has recently had its price improved!
276 Crocus Dr, Bellvue features stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

If you have been looking for your own piece of the Colorado mountains, look no further. 276 Crocus Drive, Bellvue, Colorado is a gorgeous plot of land perfect for building your Northern Colorado dream home. This mountain property covers nearly eight acres of land, and did we mentioned the price has been improved?!

Mountain living in a
unique community

This listing is located within the quiet RistVue subdivision, just northwest of Fort Collins and only a 20-minute drive to Old Town. You can also rest easy with the extra security found in this unique gated mountain community.

The private driveway to 276 Crocus Drive shown here, including new tree growth!
Shown above: private driveway for 276 Crocus Drive, Bellvue. There’s even new tree growth along the road!

About the property

Drive up your private driveway to level areas ready to be built on. There you will find spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and gorgeous valleys. You’ll find plenty of unique rock outcroppings that add interest and beauty to the property. Although this lot fell victim to the High Park fire in 2012, you’ll still find remaining trees that survived as well as lots of new growth.

Rock outcroppings add interest to this unique rock outcropping.
Shown above: unique rock outcroppings that add interest to the lot.

In fact, there are lots of quaking aspen trees that have grown in on the property since 2012. This fast-growing tree makes for a spectacular autumnal show every year and will add lasting beauty to this property.

Trust us when we say that Summer is the perfect time to travel up and see this gorgeous mountain property. Everything is lush and green right now, so let us know if you’d be interested in enjoying the view. We’d be happy to schedule a tour for you!

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